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© Norbert LAMBART

Into the woods we go, for a day of exercise in nature! If you’re the kind of person who likes to hike, the Lion d’Or is the hotel for you. Once you’ve dropped off your bags and caught a glimpse of the surrounding countryside, all you’ll want to do is get outdoors and head for the woods, valleys and forests. Get those walking boots on – we’re off!

© Donatienne GUILLAUDEAU

Thoreau, the American writer, imagined life in the woods in his book entitled Walden. As a former stagecoach relay station, the Lion d’Or offers you the chance to be transported to the heart of a natural setting which is just perfect for hiking. For example, take this trail that will lead you to the Val Nançon or the Landes de Jaunousse, for an exploration of the hotel’s enchanting surroundings.

Forest paths, ideal for hiking

As you go further afield, you’ll come across the Motte woods at Saint-Brice, the cut rock quarries, the Andemarais peatland at Parigné, the undergrowth of the Villecartier, Fougères and Rennes forests, as well as Canut, Soeuvres and Monthault. There, chestnut trees compete with oak trees, and the quarries and clearings open up to beech and birch. But wherever you go, you’ll encounter the same delightful green paths!

© Emmanuel BERTHIER

From waterways to sea views from coastal dunes

But, if your hiking heart beats more to the rhythm of silver streams or maritime waters, head for the Courson or Couesnon valleys, or to the water gardens at Saint-Germain-en-Coglès! There, as on the dunes of Roz-Ven, you’ll be greeted by scenes of currents, waves and foam. And if you’re even more inspired by seascapes, you can set sail on a cruise while flying the Saint-Malo flag!

© Emmanuel BERTHIER

Our team can help you plan your programme of discovery. Ask for information about walks in the surrounding area, including woods and rivers, places of interest and the coast.


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