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DiscoverThe beauty of Mont Saint-Michel

© Emmanuel BERTHIER

A World Heritage site, whether surrounded by water or by sheep.
There’s no need to pull out the map to debate whether Mont Saint-Michel is in Normandy or Brittany – it’s located in a world all of its own! A special place, between sky, sea and land. It’s easy to recognise, with a golden archangel sitting atop it. The island will mark the successful completion of your iconic quest after just 30 minutes on the road.

© Pierre TORSET

You thought you were discovering a treasure trove of heritage, but instead you find yourself in breathtaking nature reserve. Birds, colours, aromas and open landscapes… Everything here moves to the rhythms of the wind, the synchrony of the tides and the passing clouds in the immense sky. Pause for a moment with your guide to admire the enchanting nature that surrounds you among the infinite landscapes, salt meadows, and natural displays of exceptionally preserved flora and fauna.

Wonderful protected natural and historical heritage

And in the background, like an impassive guardian, a Tower of Babel, a stone castle dominating the tides: Mont Saint-Michel. One of the wonders of medieval Europe, the monastery sits like a crown on its summit. Below it is a labyrinth of narrow streets with stalls and restaurants, some of them famous, such as Mère Poulard. And when the sea embraces the Mont, the bay is revealed in all its glory from top to bottom. It’s a spectacular sight!

© Yannick LE GAL

Oysters, a gastronomic highlight!

Don’t rush home at the end of the trip! Take some time in the nearby villages dotting the coast – the Mecca of mussels and oyster farming, all the way to Cancale! Cherrueix, in the heart of the Bay, is the setting for a unique sporting activity – sand yachting – an especially dynamic activity in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, one of the most delightful in the world!

© Emmanuel BERTHIER

Our team can help you plan your programme of discovery. Ask for information on nearby attractions, golf courses, hot-air ballooning, zoos, reptilariums and other amusement parks.


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